WILKES-BARRE, where Babe Ruth "The Sultan of Swat" hit one of the longest home runs in history, 600 feet at Artillery Park in 1926; where the first cable TV programming was launched when HBO offered cable service for the first time in 1972; where Lewis Hines uncovered child labor horror with photos that received so much attention to the public via thew press; lead to sweeping reform and legislation for child labor laws across the country.


America is the warrior of human rights for the world. The Free Press exposes the evil, the greed, and the crimes committed against humanity. The use of violence, force, and unfair wages by the anthracite coal industry in the early 19th Century was extensive, disgraceful, and unacceptable.

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Internet Pioneer Continues The Wilkes-Barre Media Broadcast Premiere History
Local marketing professional, John Waschek, is not only the founder and publisher of truthspaperWilksBarre, John is also Executive Director of Marketing & Sales for the global broadcast network. Wilkes-Barre,  a community always dedicated to forge ahead to the future frontier, now looks to continue that legacy. John Waschek sees Wilkes-Barre, PA inside a prominent triangle of education, democracy, and American core history for civil rights and The Constitution Law. Ergo, John is working to make Wilkse-Barre a main center for broadcasting on the Internet.
Wilkes-Barre was founded in 1769 and expanded when anthracite coal was discovered. Immigrants flocked to the coal region for work. Corruption in child labor led to labor laws. Mining disasters, and the collapse of the coal mining industry continued because the region flooded often. The National Child Labor Committee hired famous photographer Lewis Hines to reveal the human horror. The anthracite coal industry abused child labor and worker's rights in extreme fashion. Teddy Roosevelt was key.

LEWIS HINE (photo left) was a famous American photographer. Lewis was hired to take pictures of the construction of The Empire State Building. Hine was a major force with his photography. He exposed the immoral idustrial abuse of child labor human rights.

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