STEAMTOWN National Historic Site

This fabulous railroad museum is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania nearby. The  62  acres and the museum is built around a working turntable and a roundhouse reconstructed from a 1932 structure. There are original buildings dated from 1899 and 1902. Every building is  listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

Many steam locomotives were donated by F. Nelson Blount. Blount was a millionaire seafood processor from New England. Steamtown was built in a working railroad yard. There is a roundhouse, locomotive repair shops, the visitor center, a theater, technology and featured museums are built on the site to replace missing portions of the original roundhouse.

The museum has exhibits about the history and technology of steam railroads in the United States and Pennsylvania, particularly the DL&W; life on the railroad; and the business, labor, and governmental relationships between railroads.

Many locomotives and freight and passenger cars are on display. Some have open cabs and compartments that visitors can climb in and walk through, including a mail car, railroad executives' passenger car (with dining room and sleeping / lounge areas), a boxcar, two cabooses, and a recreated DL&W station with ticket window.

STEAMTOWN The history of steam locomotives